Yes, you know a while ago we discussed something and it seems my husband was in the way, but fortunately he’s dead as we are speaking which makes me a free woman. So what do you say about a s.xual relationship we discussed?”
” I’m sure I can remember vividly that I didn’t promise you anything.” I asked.
” Yes. you left me hanging but I want to hear something positive.” She replied brightening up.
” I’m sorry I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to cheat on her.”
Margaret suddenly flared up. ” Okay, that’s what you want. A woman forcing herself into your bed. She just arrived and now she had became somebody you can cheat on. Eh?”
” It’s not Isabel that I’m talking about. It somebody else entirely.”
” Then how can you tell me that you are not cheating on her? When you spent the night yesterday with her.”
” No I didn’t.” I lied boldly I just saw her today hitch-hiking and have her a lift, her car is at the mechanic’s place.”
” You’re just a petty liar Wilson.” She said with some venom. ” so your house had became a mechanic’s place, I heard from Isabel that her car is alright and that she spent the night at your apartment.” She went on ranting and I knew she was angry.
After a while she calmed down as her anger dissipated slowly.
” I don’t know why, but I can’t be angry with you for long because I love you. You seriously have to reconsider your stance. I want that Isabel out of my way. The way she fawns over you always makes me jealous.”
Tears had began to trickle out of her eyes and she used a handkerchief to dry it. I comforted her and gave her words of comfort though with no assurance than I am going to honor her request.
I walked outside and enjoyed the morning sunshine. I decided to take a stroll along the winding part that that led to the school farm.
After getting to a point I turned back. I met a student at the head the path seemingly waiting for something.
I got to her and she greeted me.
” Good morning Mr Wilson.”
” Yea Good morning I replied, how are you doing?”
” I’m fine.” She replied flashing me a cute smile. ” I just saw you going up that part then felt you might come back quickly and decided to wait.” She went on to say.
” Anything the problem?” I asked.
” No there’s no problem, I just wanted to talk to you.”
” Anything important?”
” No not really, I just want to talk.”
” Okay then, so what’s your name?”
” It’s Louisa.” The girl replied.
” Really?” I asked with a smirk. ” A female David Luiz.”
She cackled ” actually my name’s Louisa David, so I wouldn’t say no to that.”
I shrugged, ” I think there’s no need to tell you my name, I’m sure you already know it.”
” Yea the thing’s that you haven’t been noticing me in the class even though I’m always at the front. You will just come, teach, pick your books and you’re gone.”
” You know, I always have things on my mind, other classes to attend to all on different subjects, so I couldn’t help that.”
” But at least I expects you to let me do something, like asking me to carry your books to your office.”
” Ah you know, that’s what the other students hate a teacher for. I don’t want students to hate me so I pick my own shit and go my way.”
” You should try it once. You know the students love you and wouldn’t have any problem doing it, person like me I hate another teacher sending me that but never you. It always makes to lose the precious moment of talking to you.” She replied.
I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that this girl was also having a crush on. ” Oh damn it.” I said in my thoughts.
I then took some moments to study her. Unlike Rita and Isabel she was a bit on the slim side. She had bright brown eyes, probably something you’ll notice first in her. She had small bre.ast that seem not to even need a bra.
Her stomach was flat and she had a bit of a nice backside though nothing compared to Rita’s or Isabel’s a..ss.
She had naturally pink lips though her lips weren’t thick as I would have loved. Her hair was cut low just like Rita loved to have her’s.
She was in SS 3 the class Rita and her mates had vacated. It was true I had not been noticing her as she had joined the school from another school. She simply merged with the crowd and I just felt her as part of the other students. I didn’t even know her name, though it was in my register. Since I was only a subject teacher and not the teacher taking care of the class, it wasn’t mandatory for me to know the names of all the students in the school. I remembered those I can but didn’t bother about those I couldn’t.
” I’m sorry about that Louisa. Though I won’t promise you that I’ll let you do that because it has become part of me not to send a student on unnecessary errands. I don’t want to look like all those lazy teachers.
We started walking back slowly to the school blocks. We had unconsciously held hands and I did like the way her skin felt, soft and smooth.
We continued talking on various matters before we stopped at the spot Nancy had found me with Rita and decided to leave the school.
Louisa’s eyes were adorable. I was taller than her and she loves looking deep into my eyes. The area we stood was deserted as it was used mainly for examinations.
Louisa was a good conversationalist and was intelligent too. However I felt safe as she was using Nancy’s cautious approach and not bold like Rita or super bold and aggressive like Isabel. At least Isabel had an edge over Louisa because she was a teacher while Louisa is a student.
” So do you still have a camera in your office?” She asked looking at me with those adorable brown eyes.
” Yea I still do.” I answered her though it wasn’t true. I watched her face cloud with disappointment but she quickly hid and tried not to show it.
We continued talking.
After a while I excused her and told her I had some things to attend to in my office so we had to cut short our conversation. She was disappointed and didn’t hide it this time.
” But break isn’t yet over. She said with a tone that was almost pleading.”
” I’m sorry but I have to go do it now before I forget.” I answered her with an apologetic tone.
I wasn’t lying though.
She let go of my hand reluctantly. I didn’t even notice that we’ve laced our fingers together. She looked for moment as if she was going to raise herself on tiptoe and give me a peck on the lips, but she didn’t and I left.
I smiled at myself as I walked to my office. ” Callum, and you say students wouldn’t like you.” I said to myself. I always like it when students try to become friends with me. At least it saved my life.
Had I been hostile and repulsive Rita wouldn’t have worked up the courage to come confess her crush on me. Being in a relationship with her stopped me from going to jail over a crime i didn’t commit.
On getting near my office I turned to look at Louisa one last time.
Surprisingly Isabel was there, giving the poor girl a good telling off. The girl was having a look of discomfort on her face.
Meanwhile Isabel was talking animatedly. 
I checked my watch, break wasn’t over yet. What did the girl do to deserve being chewed out that way.
I shrugged, whatever it was I will learn from the girl later.

Mary’s mother sat on the chair facing Mary’s uncle who was looking at her pitifully with a table between them.
” Becca this new attitude of yours is quite strange to me.” He said to her.
Mary being in jail had taken quite a dirty blow on her mother.
Mary’s mother had began to change. She had swapped her motherly clothes for something skimpy and less modest. She started wearing makeup. She picked a habit of smoking and insisted everybody call her Mary ans not Mary’s mother or Rebecca which was her name.
She began wearing leggings and bodyfitting clothes. Wrappers became a thing of the past. She had her nose pierced and also did more piercings on her ears.
Her heavy makeup and her overall new style outfit made her look very hot. She had kept her body in good shape and her breasts didn’t have any hint of a sag despite her age. She now wear high heels and walked unbelievably gracefully on them.
Mary’s mother puffed out a creamy cigarette smoke without acknowledging her brother in-law’s words. She uncrossed her legs and crossed it again.
” Becca when my brother married you, I was happy because I felt he has married the best woman for him. You proved to be just that despite the fact that you only have one child which I didn’t know whether the problem is from you or from my brother. It is quite shocking the way you are now. My brother would have been quite shocked to see you like this.”
” Well your brother is dead and the only thing I lived for is in jail. What’s the need for a normal life anymore.” She asked nonchalantly and took a puff on her cigarette.
” There’s absolutely everything that demands a normal life from you, your destroying yourself. You’re smoking and with the way you are dressing nowadays, people are beginning to think that you are crazy. What happened to Mary is totally not your fault but her’s it is what she deserved.”
” I know it’s what she deserved but she is still my daughter.” She said firmly.
” And there’s nothing you are going to do about it now but to wait and see if you’ll still be alive when she’s out.”
” I am going to revenge.” She said with a serious tone.
” Oh God.” Mary uncle’s voice took a panic tinge. ” Revenge what?
Mary’s uncle was actually a younger brother to Mary’s deceased father. Since he was in a good relationship with his father. He didn’t have anything bad against Mary’s mother. He always gave monetary assistance whenever he could to Mary’s mother.
” I’m going to revenge my daughter being in jail.”
” Are you trying to tell me that guy shouldn’t have defended himself and save himself from paying for a crime he didn’t commit?”
” Maybe.” Becca replied.
” If you do drink, I would have felt that you are drunk and talking under influence of alcohol. What is bringing this kind of idea into your head?” Mary’s uncle said rapidly trying to keep himself from getting angry.
Mary’s mother finished her cigarette and savoured the last of it before blowing out the smoke.
” I have made up my mind on what to do.” She said softly.
” Don’t tell me that.” Mary’s uncle retorted angrily. ” I would like you to remain instead going out there and doing something drastic on behalf of someone who doesn’t deserve it. I’m surprised to here you say that that innocent teacher should have gone along with your daughter’s stupid request.”
Becca kept quiet.
” I’m disappointed in you, if I didn’t know you I would have felt that my brother married the wrong woman.”
” Okay okay, I’ve heard you.” She blurted out but Mary’s uncle wasn’t convinced.
” Look Becca, I know your daughter’s absence is taking its toll on you. You don’t have to do something stupid over it.”
” Well I’ve got to go.” Mary’s mother said getting up.
” Won’t you stay for dinner? My wife is preparing something.”
Becca shook her head. ” I’ve had these.” She held up a packet of cigarette. ” It is enough for me good day.”
She began walked to the door.
” Becca, promise me that you won’t do anything stupid.”
” I promise I won’t.” She replied from the door.
” Anytime you feel the urge to something that is not right call me, okay?”
” I’ve heard you, I’ll do just that.”
If only she was telling the truth.
Mary’s was still unconvinced as she went outside.
His wife who has been listening behind the curtain came in.
” Honey when I told you that that woman was supporting her daughter all along you thought I was lying. She knew what her daughter was up and kept quiet over it. Now you can see for yourself.”
” Don’t say that honey. You have nothing to back up your suggestions.”
” This is not a suggestion it is the blunt truth.” His wife said firmly getting close to him.
” I wonder what manner of revenge she is talking about?”
” Maybe she just want to accomplish what her daughter didn’t succeed in doing, which is sending somebody to jail.” Mary uncle’s wife said sitting down on her husband’s laps.
She froze for a moment and turned to stare her husband in the eye. She had felt his hard-on as she sat down.
” Honey, don’t tell me you are getting a boner because of your brother’s wife.”
Her husband smiled shyly, ” it was hard not to, didn’t you see her outfit? It was hot.”
” Are you trying to tell me that you like me dressing like that?”
” No no no. I didn’t say that, you look much hotter than even if you are wearing a nun’s uniform.”
She smiled as she knew her husband was telling the truth and not just trying to flatter her.
She was voluptuous and all her female children has taken after.
” Then I would have to take care of the erection, let me go put down the pot from the fire then I can see to that. Don’t let it go down.”
” If only I can talk to it.” He said smirking as he watched his wife’s large ass sway out of sight.
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