Evening came very quickly and soon darkness covered the earth like a black curtain over a theater.
” I have prepared the guest bedroom for you.” I said to Isabel who had laid down on my laps. She raised her head abruptly as if she was surprised at what I said.
” Is that where you sleep?”
” No, I would sleep in my room.” I replied.
” Then why did you prepare there for me? Hope you know we are sleeping together?”
” No we can’t.” I said shaking my head.
” Why?” She asked puzzled.
” I have a girlfriend, I will be cheating on her if we sleep together because we might do things.”
I saw Isabel’s face cloud with anger. She thought I was playing games on her.
” Then why didn’t I see her when I arrived here?”
” Because she is not here at the moment.” I said confidently feeling that I gotten the upper hand.
I scrolled up Rita’s pic and gave the phone to her.
She stared at the smiling picture of Rita and I expected to see an angry reaction from her but none came. she scrolled through other photos on the phone before handing it back with a wide smile then finally a laugh.
” Why are you laughing?” I asked not really expecting it.
” You almost got me. How long has she been your girlfriend?” She asked. I wasn’t prepared for the question.
” Uh, about a year now.”
” A year now huh?”
I nodded yes.
” So you two cannot take photos with each other, is she a leper?”
” No she’s not.”
” Then why only that photo of her, no other one, no one of the two of you together. Seriously how do you expect me to believe that?”
” Look Izzy you got to believe me because it’s true.” I tried to convince as I saw things getting out of my control.
” Look Callum. I am too old for you to play games on. Tell me she is a girl you are having a crush on and I will believe. Anyway I look like her so maybe it would be lost on you soon.”
” I’m not playing games, it’s true.”
” It seems you are gay but I’m going to turn you straight.”
” Uh but………..” 
” Shhhh.” She whispered placing a forefinger on my lips. ” Save your strength.”
” Let me hope that you’re joking.” I said in my thoughts as she settled down her head on my laps.
After a while I got up to go lock the house up before heading to my room. I bid her goodnight and she didn’t reply. I thought maybe she hasn’t heard me.
I had settled down on the bed when I saw the silhouette of Isabel.
She came into my room wearing only a pair of blue lace panties and a matching bra.
She locked the door and took out the keys before walking up to me.
” Wait wait.” I said getting up, ” I told you we are not going to do this.”
She smiled her Rita-like smile. ” You are just acting childishly, you shouldn’t let a crush you have on somebody to interfere in your private life. The girl might not even like you.”
I was standing face to face with her. She pushed me backward and I sat down on the bed. It wasn’t lightly or roughly but was strong enough to have the desired effect.
She quickly sprang on my laps and settled her big ass on them while smiling.
” Wilson I want to let you know that I don’t take no for an answer. At least not on this. You deserve me, touch me enjoy my body.”
” No no no!!!!!!” I muttered. My heart was beating fast. If this woman does not give up I am going to break the promise I made to Rita.
” Izzy you need to get off.” I said trying to nudge her off but it was no easy feat.
” I know. We both need to get off but it is not gonna happen if you continue like this.”
She brought her lips for a kiss but I shook my head around. She used her hands to stop my head then our lips met in a sweet kiss.
” Please let’s not do this.” I begged.
” Callum you are acting like a naïve teenager, meanwhile I am not leaving this bed without having an orgasm.” She said matter of factly.
I was gradually weakening. I am just so bad with seduction especially an aggressive one like this.
Isabel unhooked her bra and bared her boobs. ” It seems you are not in the position to do that. My tits are out now touch them.”
She cradled them in her hands and offered it to me.
She momentarily looked like Rita, her boobs looked very much like Rita’s. Then I shook the cobwebs off.
” No no no, Isabel………”
” Callum Callum.” She shouted seriously, interrupting me. ” Touch them. I hope you know I am sitting on your laps, you will begin to feel the effects of my weight soon and I am not going to get up without getting what I want.”
Then in a softer tone she said. ” Callum I don’t know what a woman did to you but you have to keep all that behind. Here is a woman in front of you begging to you to take her, yet you’re hurting her by rejecting her advances. Hope you know I wouldn’t give up. I want to feel you inside me I want to be loved and you can’t do all that by acting this way.”
I was beginning to feel the effect of her a.ss on my thighs. I s..uck at being seduced. I wonder if Nancy had done this whether I would have fallen. I had resisted many a woman and did that with pride but not Isabel. I feel tears coming to my eyes but blinked it away. Crying would be a sign of weakness and even funny for a guy like me.
She kissed me sweetly on the lips and pushed out her chest to me.
I turned my head away but held it and turned it back. My hands were at my side, she lifted them and placed it on her big boobs. ” That’s were they should be.” She whispered s..xily. She was smiling as she has seen that I had weakened. I fondled her boobs and them gave the left nip.ple a quick kiss and a su..ck and went for the other one but she stopped me.
” What are you doing? That’s not what you should do, there’s nothing s..xy there, you need to suck it and make me feel good.”
She raised herself and fed her left nipple back into my mouth.
I began sucking it properly and she moaned softly and had that triumphant look and smile on her face. Her nipples felt like Rita’s and I began to give it the treatment I would have given Rita’s nipple. Isabel moaned and hissed softly, she must love having her ni..pples suc..ked. She made her left nip..ple pop out of my lips and then fed in the right one. I gave it the same treatment I had given its twin along with gentle caressing and fondling.
She raised herself and tactically removed her panties then she took my left hand off her b..oobs and guided it down there. She made me caress her wet folds.
My di..ck despite the situation was having a mind of it own and had been rock-hard since the beginning of my struggle with Isabel.
” Even your di..ck knows what you want and deserve.” Isabel whispered.
Her juices had soaked the front of my boxers but it wasn’t only her. My precum contributed to the wetness.
” Can you get off now?” I asked. Her weight was becoming unbearable.
” No.” She answered firmly. ” I’ll raise myself and you pull of your boxers.”
She raised herself to her knees relieving me of the pain for a short while but she kept herself in a position that wouldn’t permit me to spring up. I pushed down my boxers and my hard di..ck sprang up. Isabel giggled at that as she helped the boxers off my feet.
” Hey big boy,” she addressed my d..ick. ” I can see you want to play, welcome to the party.”
She held my dic..k up with one hand and then sat down on it.
I couldn’t help but groan as I entered her. She was tight, damn tight, too tight for a woman her age. She did remind me of Rita everything and I didn’t like the pang of guilt follows it.
” Oh Callum, I’m so full.” She moaned as she lifted her ass up and down on my dic..k first slowly and then she began to pick up speed. Her tightness was making to lose control and I was sure I was going to cum prematurely. She had her first orgasm before I knew it. Her mouth opened wide in a soundless scream. ” Good thing she wasn’t the screaming type, I hate girl that scream during se..x.” I thought.
Then as if sensing my predicament she finally got off. My di..ck popped out of her with a suc..king sound and trail of juices accompanied it.
” I’m sure you are not going to run now. So let’s do it properly. She bent her head and pulled my di..ck into her mouth and began sucking. ” Damn I taste good and you taste good too.” She said with a smile before stuffing her mouth with my dic..k making my reply end in a grunt. After suck..ing me off for a while keeping on the edge, she then said down on her back and spread her legs. ” Lick me.” She asked softly looking me deep in the eyes. I obliged and used my tongue to pleasure her.
She came the second time to my ministrations before I mounted her and inserted my dic..k into her.
I’m sure Isabel was proud now. Hee seduction process was complete.
We went at it for like two hours before we rested. All through that Isabel never skipped a chance to kiss me.
” Thank you honey.” She whispered after we were through.
” Your welcome.” I replied but was far from okay. I have cheated on Rita barely a day after she left. I felt dirty, guilty. Sleep evaded me for a while but Isabel was sleeping soundly on my chest with a satisfied smile on her face.
Just then my phone buzzed and I craned my neck to look at the caller. It was Rita. The pangs of guilt and shame returned stronger than before. I hesitated and stared at the phone before summing up courage and picked it up.
” Hiya honey.” I said after picking it up.
” Hello Honey, what happened to your phone? I tried calling it countless times but it wouldn’t connect.”
” I’m sorry baby, maybe it is caused by the signal.”
” It’s okay I just wanted to tell you that I have arrived safely, I’m in bed now and I’m missing you already.” 
” I know baby, I miss you too, let’s just hope for a quick reunion.” I said through my shame.
” I’ve found a nice place to establish a supermarket today. I’m gonna go ask the price and see if I should buy it or rent it instead.”
” That’s a good idea.” I encouraged. ” Go see it then give me the feedback.”
” Okay honey I’ll do just that, good night. I love you.”
” I love you too.” I replied and the call disconnected. 
I felt like crying. First day for the girl I promised to be faithful to leave me and I’ve already cheated. I blamed myself for being so weak to seduction.
I looked down on the sleeping Isabel, her angelic face still smiling in her sleep did relief my grief a bit. Maybe it only gonna be today.
I adjusted my pillow and laid my head and was soon out like a light.
The smell of eggs and hot chocolate woke me up and I salivated immediately and smiled.
” Rita always up early as usual, hope she hasn’t forgotten that she through with secondary school.” I said smiling.
I got up and headed to the kitchen to get a morning kiss.
I found her turning egg over in the frying pan with a spatula. She was wearing only her underwear but had an apron over her.
I hugged her from behind and kissed her on the neck and muttered, ” good morning lover.”
” Good morning sweetheart.” she replied pushing ass on my di..ck.
Her voice was different. Then it dawned on me that it wasn’t Rita.
And I have just ruined everything by calling her lover.
She placed down the spatula and turned around and rested her hands on my shoulders and then kissed me on the lips.
” Ughhh!!!! I didn’t brush.” I exclaimed pulling my head back.
” Oh come on, am I complaining?” She kissed me more before letting me go.
I walked over and poured myself a cup of hot chocolate.
I was thinking hard. I hope after Isabel goes today she wouldn’t come back.
Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, fresh agege bread and hot chocolate. Soon we were through with breakfast and I went to take a shower. She joined me in the shower giggling. ” Save water, bath with a friend or in this case with a lover.”
I began feeling uncomfortable again.
Shower was actually a smooch session rather than bathing. 
She was always looking deep into my eyes with those lovely eyes.
Since we had to be quick we didn’t do anything in the shower. I got dressed and she did too. I didn’t know she brought a change of clothes too. Something appropriate for school.
I was disappointed when she informed me she will be riding in my car. I hid my disappointment as best as I can and together we got to school.
I came out, she did too and she insisted on holding my hand as we walked up to tie staff room.
I noticed the other female teacher’s jealous stares and thought, ” oh God.”
Isabel didn’t give a damn about it. The other female Teacher that has told me that she was in an unhappy marriage as her husband was impotent and also had erectile dysfunction. He also took to drinking and smoking. Her name was Margaret. She looked the most unhappy. She gave me a signal to come see her sometime.
I nodded at her and walked to my office.
Later that morning during long break, I went to see her in the staff room.
She was the only one there as the others had gone out on one business or the other.
It was funny to see Isabel’s table isolated from the others. Isabel has adopted the status of an alpha female and the others weren’t happy with it but unconsciously went along with it. Isabel’s, I don’t care attitude didn’t allow their hatred to bother her.
I walked to her desk and sat down on the chair opposite in front of her table.
” Maggie you wanted to see me, what up?” Margaret gave me faint smile which made me to be certain that something complex was coming.

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