F*CK YOU MARY Reloaded part 1 *Scene one*

As I got home I could see Isabel’s car parked at my parking space. And there she was waiting patiently for me beside her car. As I didn’t show up in school that day was enough excuse for her to come and see me, and “oh my!” She looked so hot in her mini-dress and strappy high heels. Her hair fell down in contours over her shoulders as she sported a pair of glasses and pink lips. She looked like a goddess.
There was no time for me to divert without her noticing, as I had noticed her too late.
I took a deep breath and remembered my promise to Rita and I vowed that I am not going to break it.
I took a deep breath and drove into my apartment. I saw her smile and thought ” somebody is going to get disappointed. How wrong I was.
I drove into my parking space and killed off the engine before getting out. Her smile had reached a full mast by this time.
She walked around the car and hugged me, pressing her big boobs into me. She then kissed me full on the lips. Her lip gloss made her lips to be adorable.
” Hey Callum.” She said balancing her wrists on my shoulders and staring lovingly at my face, ” what happened? Why didn’t you come to school, you made school to be so boring to me and even made me worried sick. That’s why I came to see you.”
” I’m perfectly okay.” I returned her smile. ” I just had some issues to sort out that’s why I didn’t show up at school today. And I have an appointment with somebody which I have to go now, which means you might not see me till midnight.” I lied as smoothly as I can.
She gave me that s*xy pout and loving stare as if she could see right through my lies. ” Come on you go along, I’ll wait for you.” She replied easily.
” I told you I would not be back until midnight.”
” Are you going to be gone for the whole year?”
” No I don’t.” I replied and she cackled.
” If you had an appointment why didn’t you head there straightaway?”
I couldn’t answer that. ” So Callum did you really expect me to believe that? I’m too old for that.”
” Uhhh.” I grunted.
” Look I’m came here to spend the night, so keep your tricks away because I’m not going to fall for any of it.”
I thought she was joking. She popped her trunk and took out an overnight bag.
I took a little time to study her. She was actually an older version of Rita. Boobs of the same size if not bigger, ass a bit bigger than Rita’s. The same body shape. If I am to be sincere she was a bit more beautiful than Rita maybe her maturity and makeup made that to be that way.
Her strappy high heels helped to accentuate her ass.
” Come on Callum what are you thinking?” I scolded myself.
She walked over and kissed me again and I was just lost on what to do.
” Where is the house keys?” She asked softly and s*xily.
I gave it to her and she moved to the front door. She paused briefly to inspect the keys before inserting the right one in the lock.
I hope things doesn’t get out of hand.
I locked my car and tried her car door, it was locked as well.
I then followed her inside.
Nice apartment for a guy who doesn’t want girls.” Isabel commented scanning the inside of my apartment.
” Who said I don’t want girls.” I asked her jovially.
She turned and looked at me with those eyes. Oh lovely eyes, Rita-like.
” If you didn’t stay away from girls there would have been one by now waiting to welcome you at the door either naked or in a negligee.”
” Ah not every woman is sleazy like you think.”
” I know. But you deserve a sleazy type. I have a feeling that if you go for a Reverend father, you would have been the perfect type.”
” Hey don’t judge by appearance lady, it can be misleading.”
” Whatever you say. Anyway did you cook anything I am a bit famished.”
Rita had prepared some food before she left. ” Yea go to the kitchen, you’ll find something.”
” Okay darling, I’ll see how good a cook you are.” She flashed me a Rita-like smile and moved towards the kitchen. Why is she reminding me of Rita. Lemme just hope she doesn’t want anything else than to stay.
The keys fell out of her hand and she stooped to pick it up and her mini dress rode up her fair thighs and almost showed her panties.
I was tempted to stoop to look but I held myself. ” Look at you.” I chided myself. ” You girlfriend is out there and your lusting after another woman.”
Isabel turned a gave me a naughty smile before moving on. I wondered if she did that on purpose.
” Callum!” She called from the kitchen. ” This food wouldn’t be enough for us, I’ll prepare something real quick.”
” Okay then. There basically everything you will need in there. There’s a couple of frozen chicken in the fridge, you can use that.” I shouted back. I never lack frozen chicken, I always make sure to replenish it.
Soon the sitting room was filled with the aroma of chicken sauce, garlic and thyme as if to confirm that a good cook has put forth her best. I had gone inside to change up so I was only in my singlet and a pair of three quarters shorts.
I watched her come out of the kitchen with a big piece of chicken. She came and sat down on my laps which made feel uncomfortable. She fed me the chicken and kissed the juice off my lips. ” How does it taste?” She asked s*xily.
” Nice as expected from you.” I replied. I was thankful when she finally got up. She had made me to sport an unwanted hard-on.
Soon the food was ready. Boiled white rice and tomato chicken sauce. She came to the sitting and held my hand as I got up and we walked to the dining room and sat down.
She had swapped her heels with a pair of slippers I left at the door of the bathroom.
We said the grace and began eating.
She did match Rita in talent as a cook. The sauce was thick and rich. I enjoyed the meal.
After the meal she requested to have a bath and moved to bathroom.
I used the opportunity to arrange up the guest bedroom so she can stay there. I felt something dodgy when she decided to strip to her underwears in front of me before taking a towel and heading there.
I sat in the sitting room watching some action movies on the TV. 
She finished her bath soon and paused a bit to throw her mini dress in the washing machine. She had made the mistake of wearing it to prepare food and her clothes caught all the scent of curry, thyme onions and garlic.
She then came and joined me in the sitting room wearing the a toweling robe she had brought along.
She began talking about the events of the day. How the students are feeling because I didn’t come to school. ” One of them had the boldness to ask where were you. I told him I don’t know and I’m sure he doubted me. I didn’t know your students love you that much.”
” Hmm!!” I grunted. ” It did give you enough excuse to come.” I said in my thoughts.
We continued doing muted conversations and stared at the TV until when the action got to a crescendo that we both stopped talking and focused on the TV.

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